Gorgeous Cel-Shaded Indie RPG Nearing $100K On Kickstarter


Ynnis Interactive’s Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom features real-time combat, cel-shaded visuals and its own unique in-game language.

You know what the world needs? More JRPGS. Granted, there’s not exactly a lack for them and I personally already have like four of the suckers queued up, but honestly, I’ve never thought you can have too much of good thing and as far as I’m concerned there’s few things better than a finely made Japanese RPG.

Enter the folks at Ynnis Interacive. An indie studio based in France, it launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month aimed at raising cash to fund its Japanese-styled RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Built with Unreal Engine, the game will feature dynamic real-time combat, cel-shaded visuals and even its own custom language devised by the developes. Ynnis hopes that these ingredients, all tied together by an great story will deliver “an epic journey into a huge universe that will stay with you for a longtime.”

Toward that end, Ynnis is aiming to raise $100,000 to finish the game’s development. It’s a goal that looks very much within the studio’s reach at this point. With ten days (as of this writing) left in its campaign, the project has received more than $90,000 in pledges. Honesty, at this point, I’d be surprised if it didn’t make the last $10,000 before time runs out. Then again, it’s not like Kickstarter projects don’t fail every day of the week. In other words, if Shiness sounds at all like something you might be interested in, you may want to consider throwing a few dollars its way. If nothing else, you should at least watch the trailer and take a little time to marvel at how freaking nice this game looks. Sincerely, it’s impressive stuff for an indie studio.

Source: Kickstarter

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