Got Money to Burn? Check Out This $380 Fallout 4 Figure

This awesome Fallout 4 power armor figure has fully removable individual pieces: just like its in-game counterpart.

Do you love Fallout 4 enough to drop $380 on a toy (sorry, “collectible”)? If the answer is yes, you may wanna check out this amazingly detailed T-45 Power Armor Figure from toymaker Three Zero. The figure, which stands 14.5 inches tall, has 35 points of articulation, a full set of removable power armor pieces, a light-up LED in the helmet and an AER-9 Laser Rifle. If you’ve got a bit more cash to burn, the $398 limited edition also comes with a minigun. Check it out in all of its glory below:

If you’ve already opened up your wallet and started throwing money at the screen, I’m afraid you will have to wait until January 28 for pre-orders on this bad boy to open on Three Zero’s official store. The good news is that while Three Zero is based in Japan, the figure will ship world-wide, and postage is included in the price tag.

If the classic T-45 armor isn’t your style, Three Zero is planning on releasing additional armor sets for the figure in the future, which players will be able to mix and match to their heart’s content, just like the power armor’s in-game counterpart.

Source: Three Zero Blog (Japanese)

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