It’s like The Matrix had a baby with Ian Curtis.

That clip embedded at right is a short film called ROSA created by Spanish comic book artist Jesús Orellana. Straight up, it’s kinda awesome. Not just because of the surprisingly well-choreographed fight scenes, or the fact that Orellana is, for all intents and purposes an amateur, but also because of the masterfully crafted environment the video portrays. That is an interesting world. That is a world that I want to know more about.

Luckily, the clip has drawn rave reviews from the internet hivemind since its debut a week ago, and more crucially from Hollywood suits who are now attempting to turn Orellana’s vision of an embattled, mascara-streaked dystopia into a feature film.

So far these plans are in the very early stages, so it remains unknown who might helm this picture or even whether or not it will remain in animated form. Knowing Hollywood, I fully expect a producer in a ponytail to push for this thing to be a live action flick starring Kristen Stewart and that guy from that one thing.

You know the one I mean. That guy.

Source: I Watch Stuff

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