The Force is a good way to determine how close you are to a destination when traveling, but this Star Wars GPS is better.

Want to pretend your car is an X-Wing? Now you can with a new Android application created by developer Christopher Caleb, assuming he lets you have a copy. It doesn’t arm your car with proton torpedoes, but it does transform the typical GPS system into Luke Skywalker’s navigational computer from Star Wars Episode IV.

You put in your destination just like with a normal GPS, but the X-Wing GPS doesn’t give you a silly map. Instead, it shows the wire-frame tunnel graphics that the Rebellion use to navigate through space in the far flung future, with a distance countdown timer on the bottom. When you reach your destination, the graphics make you think it’s time to destroy the Death Star.

As you drive, you’ll also hear chatter from fellow X-Wing pilots in your squadron, which shouldn’t be distracting at all while moving at 55 MPH down the highway. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t appear to be available for purchase as it’s not officially approved. If you somehow get your hands on one, please don’t try to be like Luke Skywalker by switching it off and letting the Force be your driving guide.

Via: Engadget

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