Grab All The Collectibles In Chapter 1 of Perception With These Locations

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Uncover the hidden past of Perception as we track down all the secret collectibles in Chapter 1, including all the dolls, touchstones, and letters.

There are three types of collectibles in Perception — dolls, touchstones (or memories) and letters. To “sense” them, you’ll need to use your sonar-like abilities. All collectibles will glow just a bit brighter than the environment. It helps to memorize the layout of the house, but even then, a few of these collectibles are pretty tough to track down all on your own.

Check out the complete list of 35 collectible locations for Chapter 1 of Perception right here.

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Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

Memory #1: The first memory is near the fireplace, on the ground with more debris.

Memory #2: From the first fireplace you encounter, turn around and enter the door on the left. It leads into a room with covered furniture and a fallen box with books tumbling out onto the floor. Interact with the tape player.

Memory #3: Leaving the nursery, you’ll find the rope tied to the railing on the right. Look left for shelves with the first touchstone.

Memory #4: There’s another object that will trigger your memories down the hall from the stone. Continue forward (on the left path from the rope) to find a book on the next set of shelves.

Memory #5: Between the two shelves with collectibles to the left of the rope, enter the double doors leading to the master bedroom. Inside, look on the nightstand to the left of the king sized bed.

Memory #6: There’s a book on the right nightstand, in the same room as the strange figure.

Memory #7: Returning to the rope, go right to find a small office room. There’s an audio tape on the desk.

Memory #8: Look for a small stool on the right side of the garage. There’s a shovel you can collect.

Memory #9: Inside the car in the garage, scan the pills with your phone to read the message.

Memory #10: Leave the garage and return to the house. Inside, go down the stairs and look on the corner table with a lamp for another audio log.

Doll #1: The first doll is in the TV room downstairs from the exterior door to the garage. It’s on the right corner shelf behind the TV.

Memory #11: Look on the kitchen counters to find a mug. It’s through the door opposite the stairs leading down.

Memory #12: On the counter in the bar, only a few doors away from the kitchen.

Memory #13: From the bar, enter the dining room through the double doors and grab the baby’s bottle from the high chair.

Memory #14: Through the back-left door of the dining room, enter the large room with the spiral staircase and stick to the left wall. Follow the left wall. Find a path into a small seating area with sounds — there’s a bottle on the small table near the chair.

Memory #15: From the dining room entrance into the spiral staircase room, go through the double doors on the right. There’s another small table on the opposite wall (from the double doors) with a flashlight.

Letter #1: Go up the spiral staircase and find the letter through the double doors directly ahead at the top. Scan with your smart phone to “read” the letter.

Memory #16: Find an audio log on the second floor. Take the spiral stairs up and enter the narrow hallway with two opposite doors. Enter the right door to find the tape recorder.

Memory #19: Back downstairs, go through the left door (from the spiral staircase) and then through another set of double doors to the parlor. There’s an easy-to-spot audio log in the room.

Memory #12: In the same room as the previous collectible, look on the desk.

Memory #13: Continue down the hallway and look in a small “bright” painting corner. There’s a brush you can pick up and trigger a memory from.

Memory #14: There’s another set of stairs not far from the painting area. At the base of the spiral steps, there’s another audio log.

Letter #2: Continue up the stairs into the third floor of the parapet. There’s a desk with a letter you can scan near a baby’s crib.

Letter #3: Another scannable letter is in the locked cabinet in the Doctor’s meeting room. Use the code 2118 to enter. There’s also a room key you’ll need to progress in the cabinet.

Letter #4: Go through the double doors near the painting corner. There’s a letter on a table to the left you can scan.

Memory #15: Continue into the following room, a bar-like recreation room to find an audio log near a seat on the left by the windows.

Memory #16: In the same room, there’s a counter with a second audio log recording.

Memory #17: From the recreation room, go to the hall and find the telescope. There’s another audio log next to the telescope.

Memory #18: In the recreation room, go upstairs and enter the child’s room to find a frog toy on the floor that will trigger a memory.

Memory #19: Enter the side-room attached to the kid’s room on the second floor above the recreation area. There’s a tarot card to the left as you enter.

Memory #20: Touch the poppet on the way to the restroom on the second floor.

Doll #2: Enter the adult bedroom through the kid’s room doors, then enter the restroom. There’s a walk-in closet filled with boxes. On the right shelf, don’t miss this doll.

Memory #21: On the second floor, circle around the balcony walkway to find a seating area with an audio tape.

Memory #22: Still on the second floor, enter the hallway (with the globe) and enter the door the statue on the left. There’s a small room with a work table and a crystal.

Memory #23: Get the keys from the storage room bathroom and return to the arcade. Unlock the playroom and look on the desk for a package of pills.

Memory #24: From the ruined tower, go down and toward the entrance to the house. The path will be blocked and a letter will appear. Take it from the briar to get all the collectibles in Chapter 1.

That covers all 35 collectibles in Chapter 1. Join us at The Escapist as we go hunting for even more treasures in Chapter 2 of Perception.

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