Grab Every Hidden Collectible In Perception With Every Chapter 3 Location


Enter a madhouse ruled by deranged dolls in Chapter 3 of Perception. There are 22 collectibles to uncover and the locations are listed below.

The strangeness goes into overdrive in Chapter 3, as you explore the old mansion from a previous generation, filled with strange devices and deadly dolls. It’s a tricky chapter, with autonomous gun turrets and weird passages. If you’re interested in unveiling the story or unlocking achievements, there are plenty of memories to uncover, and a handful of tricky dolls and kicked letters to find.

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Chapter 3 Collectible Locations

Memory #1: Right at the start of the chapter, listen to the audio recording on the table after passing the tesla coils and seeing the chapter title card.

Memory #2: Continue through the double doors and enter the first door on the right. Examine the doll on the desk in this office.

Memory #3: Through the next set of double doors down the hall from the office, there’s a chair to the right you can examine.

Memory #4: Another audio recording is found in the back corner of the dining hall.

Memory #5: Outside the dining hall, there’s another smaller table with four chairs and an object to examine.

Letter #1: Take the stairs up in the kitchen and pass the storage room. Ahead, there’s an area with crates and barrels. Move into the second area (with the beds) to find a note you can scan with Delphi on the right.

Doll #1: In the sleeping area with the rows of beds, find a doll collectible on the bed in the corner.

Memory #6: From the servant quarters, leave the kitchen and find the stairs leading back down to the basement seating room. On the balcony at the top of this set of stairs, there’s a desk with a visible audio log.

Memory #7: In the basement seating room, find the violin on the chair to trigger a memory.

Memory #8: Find the cup of tea in the strange room seating area. Pass by the auto-curtains to find the tea on the small table by the large switch for the doll show.

Memory #9: Rush upstairs after the doll show and stick to the left. Dodge the patrolling dolls to enter the nursery. There’s an audio log on the desk to the left.

Memory #10: Inside the nursery / office, enter the secondary door to find a doll outfit on a mannequin. Examine it — it’s next to the massive door control switch.

Doll #2: Enter the bathroom beyond the large switch / doll dress mannequin. There’s a collectible doll in the sink.

Letter #2: Leave the restroom and enter the highlighted door on the left. In the wrecked section of the house, move toward the audio-generating device down the hall and pivot to the right (through the door) after passing it to find this letter.

Letter #3: Retreat from the gun-shooting poppet until you find a second one down another hall. Dive into the room on the left to discover this scannable letter.

Memory #11: After collecting the basement key, you’ll be able to reach the entrance hall of the mansion. Go down the stairs and enter the antechamber with the double front doors — to the left of the doors, there’s a small table with a badge.

Memory #12: In the flooded basement, enter one of the rooms and a puppet will yell “Surprise!” — there’s an audio log device on the desk in this room.

Memory #13: From the basement bedroom, enter the tiny doll door and crawl into the narrow space. Drop into the water, and you’ll get help — take the blockage to drain the water. Picking up the hat will trigger a memory.

Memory #14: Beyond the opera music, you’ll enter a long hallway with wheelchairs. Upstairs, there’s a chair with an audio log.

Memory #15: In the large bedroom covered in stacks of books, find another audio log on a desk.

Memory #16: From the master bedroom, enter the doll crawlspace and collect the apple from the corpse.

Memory #17: Find the doll hanging by a rope from the old apple tree after leaving the house.

That’s all 22 collectibles in Chapter 3. Perception isn’t over yet — check out the links above for more Perception guides on The Escapist.

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