Employees with the skills to make sense of data tops the wish lists of chief information officers, and they’re willing to pay big for it. Get in the door, no special degree required, with the Big Data Bundle. It’s just $45 at Escapist Deals.

Grab this deal for instant access to nine courses that’ll help you launch your career in big data. You’ll get:

From 0 to 1: Hive for Big Data Processing: Learn how to write complex analytical queries on data in Hive in this course. You’ll get an SQL primer as a bonus, too, giving you an even bigger leg up on the competition.

Learn By Example: Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems: Hadoop and MapReduce are highly coveted skills, with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike clamoring to hire people who know their stuff. Learn how to use both tools to process and manage large amounts of data.

Scalable Programming with Scala & Spark: Combine Scala and Spark to analyze and explore data in an interactive environment. You’ll master analytics and machine learning tasks in this course. Plus, you’ll work with data sets like airline delays, web graphs, and product ratings.

…and six more! Start your career in big data right here, right now. Get the Big Data Bundle for $45 at Escapist Deals.

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