Grab the Exotic Gjallarhorn from Xur This Weekend in Destiny

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Destiny’s most sought-after Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn is finally available for purchase at Xur’s weekend shop. The special merchant appears on Friday 5 a.m. ET through Sunday 5 a.m. ET, so be quick before he reshuffles his stock.

The Gjallarhorn might be the best weapon in Destiny. That’s all up to personal preference, but there are still teams that require the launcher when going up against tough raids or bosses like Crota. That might change with the Taken King DLC, but for now this coveted weapon is available to anyone. If you’re tired of random rolls and want a guaranteed Gjallarhorn, this might be the only way for a very, very long time.

Xur Selling the Gjallarhorn 8/14-8/16

Most Destiny fanatics should be familiar with the weekend-only Exotic merchant by now. This strange hooded figure appears in random spots in the Earth hub every Friday with a list of Exotic weapons and gear that changes every week.

He only deals in a special currency called Strange Coins. Scroll down to learn more about how to acquire them.

Check out Gjallarhorn’s stats here:

Where to Find Xur

During the weekend of 8/14-8/16, Xur is located in the bar on the northeastern side of the hub map. He’s standing near a Juke Box in the same area where the Future War Cult faction merchant is found.

Run past the Hangar to get to the bar — most likely, you’ll see a few players standing around him, or heading toward him.

Xur appears at 5 a.m. ET on Friday, and disappears at 5 a.m. ET on Sunday.

Xur’s Inventory

Here’s Xur’s inventory for the weekend of 8/14-8/16:

How to Acquire Strange Coins

Weekly Heroic Strikes give a guaranteed Strange Coin reward, with more coins earned depending on your level. With Level 30-32 Heroic Strikes, you’ll earn 9 Strange Coins.

Using the Vault, it’s possible to pool resources and earn 9 Strange Coins on three different characters per week. If you’ve got extra characters but not enough coins, use alts and transfer items using the vault.

Beyond that, the best method to earn extra coins is through Strike Playlists or high-level Prison of Elders.

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