Whether you’re traveling or just out and about in your own neighborhood, you’re likely carrying around a lot of important stuff – stuff that is super tempting to thieves. Time to get your valuables out of your back pocket and get them into the theft-resistant Flak Sack. Get it for $119 at Escapist Deals and save 33% off the regular price.

The Flak Sack is part drawstring backpack, part portable safe. Made with a double layer of slash-resistant fabric originally designed for high-performance body armor, the bag locks closed and keeps everything inside safe, wherever you go. Not to mention, it’s got RFID blocking technology that protects your credit cards, passports, and key cards from being scanned while in your bag. And yes, it’s big enough to fit your laptop or tablet — the Flak Sack fits a MacBook Pro 15″ or iPad Mini in its interior pocket.

Keep your valuables safe. Get the Flak Sack theft-resistant drawstring backpack for $119 at Escapist Deals.

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