A new fan-made Golden Axe game has surfaced on the internet, but how long will it stay up?

Man, people really love Genesis games, don’t they? Not only are the games making popular additions to digital storefronts like the App Store, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network (once that, you know, starts working again), but people keep on making fan adaptations of some of the best titles. Case in point: A fan-made Golden Axe game, titled Golden Axe Myth has surfaced on the Web.

It turns out that the game’s been in development since 2007. It serves as a prequel to the original arcade/Genesis game, and you can see the intro storyline as well as gameplay footage here in the video. While the gameplay certainly looks reminiscent of the original games, its graphics are definitely an improvement, and the music and levels are totally original.

Golden Axe Myth can be downloaded for free, and there’s also a downloadable art book and soundtrack. It’s unknown how long the game will remain online, since the common consensus seems to agree that Sega will have the game taken down sooner rather than later, much like the publisher did with the Streets of Rage remake.

Source: Golden Axe Myth via Joystiq

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