Grab Three New Destiny 2.0 Dead Ghosts in Crota’s End

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The Taken King update to Destiny is finally upon us, and with all those changes also comes new collectibles. Crota’s End now has three new Dead Ghosts to discover, and before delving into all the content of Taken King, see where to grab these Grimoire-expanding trinkets.

Things have changed in Destiny with the patch. Inventory slots have been added, light levels changed so good-old fashioned XP can net you high levels, and you’ll be able to hold 16 bounties at once, alongside new bounty jobs. Basically, everything is a little less grindy, with more rewards and slots to keep your average non-fanatical Destiny fan happy. Unless one of your favorite guns got nerfed — which totally happened to the Gjallarhorn.

These changes apply whether you’re planning on purchasing The Taken King or not, and these Dead Ghost collectibles are open for everyone to grab. Learn where to go and what to do with some text tips below.

Crota’s End – New Dead Ghosts Locations

Collecting dead Ghosts increases the Guardian’s Grimoire, earns XP, and refills special ability. Listen for a faint humming sound to help locate a Ghost.

Dead Ghost #1: Crota’s End – The Stills

All three new Ghosts are located in the Crota’s End raid. From the starting spawn point, follow the orange pillar lamps through the darkness. Reach the sixth lamp, then turn right toward the cliff’s edge. Move to the metal structure that makes up the ledge and move left to spot the first new ghost.

Dead Ghost #2: Crota’s End – Light Bridge

Later on, you’ll cross the light bridge and enter a long tunnel bathed in intense white light. Run toward the light and stay on the left side. The ghost is on top of the final grave stone pillar on the left, where the light is so intense it’s hard to see. To see it, turn away from the light and jump backwards onto the pillar stone.

Dead Ghost #3: Crota’s End – Oversoul Throne

In the area where Crota is activated, go up the stairs on the left and enter a room ahead with a black stone pillar with light in the center, where more lights are hanging from wires above. From the entrance to this room, from the stairs, count the light wires on the right of the stone — the ghost is on the third wire hanging from the wall to the black central stone pillar. To get it, jump onto the coffin-like box in the alcove next to the third light wire. You can pickup the ghost from here.

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