Grab Your Camera and Get Every Photo Moment in Life is Strange Episode 3

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Continue expanding your scrapbook with Max as she breaks into school with these optional photo locations available in Episode 3 of Life is Strange.

The story takes new twists and turns, but those hidden collectible photos keep coming back. Just like in the previous two episodes there are ten optional pics available to uncover. Each opportunity unlocks a unique trophy or achievement, and some require a little setup to find. Check out the tips below to see where all ten photos are found.

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Episode Three – Optional Photos Guide

There are ten optional photo locations available in Episode 3: Chaos Theory. Each has a unique achievement / trophy attached to completion.

Optional Photo #1 – Parallax View

While exploring the dorms at night, enter Victoria’s room and hold your light on the glow-in-the-dark figure beneath the black and white poster in the back left corner.

Optional Photo #2 – Lenscrafted

Back out on the school grounds, check the path to the right of the main entrance. There’s a squirrel on a bench. Getting close causes it to run off. Just rewind to bring the critter back to the bench where you can snap a shot.

Optional Photo #3 – The Reflex

Inside the darkened school at night, return to the science classroom and get a look at the aquarium. Choose to “Turn on” and light up the fish to get a photo opportunity.

Optional Photo #4 – Histogrammar

Still in the science room, take a picture of the hanging skeleton in the right corner. It’s dark and spooky, so that makes it a perfect photo opportunity.

Optional Photo #5 – Bokeh

After breaking into the office, Chloe will sit at the computer and try to uncover whatever information she can. Take a look at the Bronze Statue and other items on the desk, then look to Chloe to get a photo option.

Optional Photo #6 – Pinholed

Later on and following a change of clothes, enter the bathroom and look in the mirror. There’s a quick photo opportunity here.

Optional Photo #7 – RAW Strength

In the same area, go to the kitchen and scare the bird on the refrigerator. It flies off onto a trophy case. Open the window near the fridge, then scare the bird again. Scare it a third time on the fireplace and it takes off outside through the window. Now you can go out into the backyard and take a picture of the bird perched on the fence.

Optional Photo #8 – Viewfinder

Back at the diner, talk to the trucker waiting outside. He’s in the baseball cap. Select “1977 Needham” and “Rachel Amber” and the trucker will give you permission. Turn the camera to face the red truck for a photo option to appear.

Optional Photo #9 – Optican

To the right of the diner, look on the concrete lot to spot a strange black swirl in the ground with a dead bird. This is weird enough for another photo opportunity.

Optional Photo #10 – Flash!

Once you switch characters, look to the left of the man and woman in the kitchen. There’s a camera you can interact with, leading to the final optional photo.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Camera Eye (45 points / Bronze):
    Take all optional photos in Episode 3: Chaos Theory

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