Gran Turismo 6 Has a Secret Lunar Rover Moon Level


Gran Turismo 6 boldy goes where no driving game has gone before.

The “start your engines” trailer for Gran Turismo 6 to the right seems normal enough on the surface, showing off the game’s gorgeous graphics and extensive attention-to-detail. But, did you catch a glimpse of something strange right at the very end? Right at 2:34, there’s a clear shot of the lunar rover driving around on the surface of the moon. Secret moon level confirmed?

Is this a secret mission, or just some kind of cutscene? Will we be able to drive the lunar rover on earth? Will we be able to drive other cars on the surface of the moon? These are the questions that Polyphony Digital have yet to provide answers for. We’ll just have to wait until the game’s December 6 release date to find out.

In a separate space-related trailer, Polyphony also shows off the game’s fancy time transition and astronomy effects. Yeah, you read that right: astronomy effects. Gran Turismo 6 will feature accurate real life constellations at night that move across the screen like they do in real life.

At this point, nothing would surprise me about Gran Turismo 6. If they announced that each of the individual spectators of the races had their own separate AI and personalities, and would cheer more or less depending on their particular mood that day, I would not be surprised.

The series is famous for being as detailed as humanly possible, and it looks to be taking full advantage of the PS3’s aging hardware to achieve this.

Source: VG24/7

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