Gran Turismo 6 Hits PS3 This Holiday Season


This morning Sony announced Gran Turismo 6, the latest entry in the company’s hallowed racing simulation franchise.

Lucky for us, this was one of those reveals with actual substance, as opposed to a minor tease of what we might be able to expect. So, sit back and bask in the surprisingly candid infodump Sony dropped a mere few hours ago.

Key things we know: Gran Turismo 6 is a PlayStation 3 title, despite the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 4. According to Sony (and assuming all goes to plan), the game should see its retail debut in time for the hyper-lucrative holiday shopping season. Gran Turismo 6 uses an all-new gameplay/graphics engine, which Sony claims will make the game more receptive to downloadable content additions, which is great, but those of you who hate DLC will be happy to hear that the base game will supposedly feature 71 tracks and over 1,200 cars (a quarter of which will almost definitely be various Skyline models).

Big numbers are impressive, but this seems a good time to recall the debacle that was Gran Turismo 5. At launch the game was quite clearly unfinished, and while it was a viable racing simulator, it wasn’t the sort of thing you could really recommend to a hardcore fan until Sony released the massive 2.0 patch months after the game’s debut. As a fan of racing games, I want everything Sony has promised to be true, but once bitten, twice shy.

If you remain piqued despite that realistic pessism, I invite to watch the trailer above. Sony issued that vignette alongside this morning’s announcement, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect: Car porn and lots of it.

Expect more on Gran Turismo 6 to emerge in the near future.

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