Grand Theft Auto V SE/CE screen

An awful lot of people want to play the new Grand Theft Auto with a mouse and keyboard.

Grand Theft Auto V launches tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but not, for some odd reason, on the PC. And while the great likelihood is that a PC version will come along sooner or later – it took Grand Theft Auto IV more than six months to hit the PC after the console release, remember – the “Release GTA V on PC” petition is doing a bang-up job of attracting attention and serving as a reminder to Rockstar that people do in fact want this thing.

The petition hit 200,000 signatures in late July and is now rapidly approaching 375,000, just 125,000 away from its goal. The looming launch of the game on consoles seems to have goosed the pace; the petition went from 10,000 to 100,000 signatures over a period of just nine days in November 2012, shortly after it launched, but took from then until early August 2013 to hit 300,000. Getting from that to the current mark took less than a month and a half.

Alas, not everyone shares that level of enthusiasm for a mouse-driven GTA V. A petition against the PC edition of the game, “So PC gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games,” recently broke 10,000 signatures.


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