We haven’t heard a single thing about JRPG series Grandia for years now, but Grandia Online, a MMOG version of the franchise originally announced in 2005, actually still exists.

Grandia, the GameArts-developed JRPG series that won favor for its complex and innovative battle system back in the early 2000s, has seemed lost in time since the release of 2006’s Grandia III. Times have changed since Grandia II first wowed Dreamcast owners in 2000 – and JRPGs aren’t as hot a commodity as they used to be.

MMOGs are where it’s at these days if you want to make some dough by offering some role-playing action, so maybe if GameArts wants to bring back Grandia in a big way, they should make one. Turns out, they are making one, and they have been for a long time. Announced back in 2005 and then seemingly abandoned, Grandia Online has recently resurfaced in Japan.

Publisher Gungho broke the news by announcing a Grandia Online conference in the Akihabara area of Tokyo, otherwise known as the world mecca of otaku-dom. The conference will take place on May 20, and 60 lucky chosen will actually get the chance to play the game at the event. So, Grandia Online is not only still alive, but it’s actually playable? Well I’ll be.

To commemorate what they’re undoubtedly planning to become a Grandia revival, GungHo is releasing the PS1 port of the original Grandia (which was on Sega Saturn) on the Japanese PlayStation Network. No word on whether this’ll ever make it to the West, but here’s hoping.


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