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Greyhill Incident Is a Horror Game with Aliens, and Now It Has a Found Footage Mode

Greyhill Incident Gets Found Footage Mode That Will Keep You Up at Night

First-person alien abduction thriller Greyhill Incident never needed a Found Footage mode to keep players up at night, but developer Refugium Games added one anyway. It’s a black-and-white filter feature that adds to the already spine-chilling scares the studio is teasing, so if little gray Martians make your heart skip a beat, you might not want to watch today’s new trailer. This unnecessarily creepy mode is available to those who purchase Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition when the game launches digitally for PC via Steam and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on June 9, 2023. Physical versions of Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition will be available on the same date for PlayStation players.

Greyhill Incident Found Footage Mode Trailer's Aliens Will Keep You Up at Night

This is a first-person horror game looking to fulfill the lifelong dream of every tinfoil hat wearer. Inspired by Fire in the Sky, The X-Files, and, of course, real-life events, Refugium’s story puts players firmly in the early ‘90s as they investigate strange occurrences. The government says the small town of Greyhill has nothing to worry about, but it soon becomes clear that this isn’t the case. Greyhill Incident is fit with lonely shacks, UFOs, and corn fields, and you can read more about its story in the summary below:

As Ryan Baker,”an average guy” equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, your path is to get across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill to save a neighbor who is in serious trouble. Find useful items, solve puzzles and you meet other neighbors as you fight to survive the invasion and guide Ryan through the Neighborhood.

Greyhill Incident wants you to sneak through dense corn fields and creaky houses in the dead of night. If you don’t, you’ll come face to face with some of the many alien stalkers patrolling Greyhill. Found Footage mode will certainly make those persistent gray foes creepier than they will be in the regular version, but you can still see what Greyhill Incident looks like without it in the trailer below.

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