In this short film, the Mushroom Kingdom is just a fantasy, and being a hero is harder than it looks.

New York-based creative troupe, Captain Hippo, has reinterpreted everyone’s favorite videogame plumbers into the protagonists of a dark and violent drama set on the mean streets of Boston.

The film, called simply The Plumber, has a similar concept to There Will Be Brawl, which appeared on The Escapist back in 2009, but takes it in a different direction.

The Plumber ditches the fantasy elements – turning them into drug induced hallucinations – and sets the action firmly in the real world. Luigi is a simple plumber just trying to get by and support his brother Mario, who is a mentally handicapped drug addict. Peach is a call girl, and Bowser is a vicious thug who breaks the hands of people who cross him. Captain Hippo presents the piece as a trailer for a longer film, although it’s doubtful that’s really the case.

It’s a heck of a lot better than the actual Super Mario Bros. movie – not that that’s very hard – and well worth a watch. There’s some strong language though, so if you’re at work, it might be worth waiting until there’s no one else in the office.

Source: Kotaku

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