Grand Theft Auto Online avatars will have custom lifestyles and family trees, so you can really get into character while robbing banks and shooting helicopters.

The gaming world is abuzz over Grand Theft Auto V, but don’t let Grand Theft Auto Online slip off your radar. GTAO (which is bundled with all copies of vGTA V) is shaping up to be a pseudo-MMO with enough content to rival the single-player game. Rockstar recently spilled the beans on a few of its features, some of which have been bouncing around since Grand Theft Auto III.

From the start, Rockstar wanted to challenge the status quo. “I’ve always felt character creators in games to be a bit wacky – pulling the ears and noses to change the way they look seems wrong,” says Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies. “That’s not how humans are made in the real world. Normally it involves a man, a woman, and some sexy time.” That sexy time is the foundation of your online avatar – instead of breaking down the minutia of your character’s appearance, you’ll select your parents and grandparents and see what happens. After that, you select a lifestyle (party animal, couch potato, etc) to determine your starting skills.

The gameplay structure of GTAO is looking interesting as well. Some 500 missions are available, many requiring a team of players to complete. Your crew can take on designated roles like sniper, look-out, and driver to pull a big heist, and then the crew leader can decide how to distribute the loot. Of course this also means your crew leader can take all the money and leave you hanging, but in that case you can take revenge (players drop any cash they were carrying upon death) or put a bounty on their head to encourage other players to take them down.

Grand Theft Auto Online goes live on October 1, two weeks after the launch of GTA V.

Source: Game Informer, via CVG

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