Rockstar’s trying to fix all its bugs first.

The half-million stimulus package to help get Grand Theft Auto Online players back on their feet has yet to arrive. “Stay tuned,” is all Rockstar’s prepared to say at the moment, as it’s trying to get Online‘s bugs under control before it starts handing out the cash.

The funds should appear automatically as soon as the stimulus rolls out. Rockstar had hoped to get the first installment out by the end of this week, but the deadline’s looming and no announcement has been made yet. Update 1.04 is rolling out on Xbox Live; perhaps after the update takes effect, there’ll be a cash influx. Your lost character and ranks still aren’t coming back, so hopefully the cash will ease the pain.

There should be a Rockstar Newswire alert as soon as the update is complete, at which point the stimulus package should be delivered. Here’s hoping!

Source: OXM

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