Brotherhood Workshop has produced a new video poking fun at Ronan the Accuser and his blindly loyal soldiers.

Spoilers Ahead!

As with most Marvel villains, Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t the of nicest guys. And while you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find moments in the movie exemplifying his tendency to be a genocidal meany pants, the one that arguably takes the cake is when he orders his pilots to activate the “Immolation Initiative” which basically entails them all ramming into their fighters into the cityscape below. Put shortly, it’s a jerk move both for the civilians below and his followers who, despite their obvious loyalty, might have preferred a different battle plan than “let’s all kill ourselves.”

That in mind, the fine folks at Brotherhood Workshop recently produced a LEGO parody video examining how Guardians might have ended differently had Ronan’s warriors been even just a tad less dogmatic. The video opens with the Ravager’s attack on Ronan’s ship, which is swiftly followed by the big bad giving his diabolical “immolation” order. Rather than saluting their leader and diving headlong into the closest civilian target however, his minions realize that he might not have “our best interests at heart” and promptly open the ship’s doors so the film’s titular heroes can charge in for their attack.

Now, obviously, there are in-universe cultural reasons for why Ronan’s troops are so blindly willing to off themselves for his cause. That being the case, it really does raise the question of why there are so many mindlessly loyal henchman in the Marvel cinematic universe. Seriously, between the Chitauri in The Avengers, the Dark Elves in Thor: The Dark World and the Sakaarin in Guardians, it seems like at least of half the population of the film universe is made up of goons willing to lay down their lives at a single command.

Source: BrotherhoodWorkshop

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