Guerrilla Games says that player feedback has prompted a rethink of the controls for Killzone 3.

Of all the things that can spoil the experience of an FPS, cumbersome and slow controls sit pretty near the top of the list, and it’s this simple idea that has prompted Guerrilla Games to rebuild the controls for Killzone 3 from the ground up.

In a post on the official Killzone site, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge said the single biggest complaint that people had had about Killzone 2 was a lack of accuracy and responsiveness in the controls. In order to resolve these issues, Guerrilla had examined every element of the control scheme, from input lag to acceleration, in exhaustive detail. The new controls were still in a very early stage of development, he added, but that he was eager for people to try them out.

He also said that Guerrilla was keen to keep the “unique sense of weight” that Killzone 2 had as it was something that players had responded positively to, and added that much of the “weight” was due to the game’s animations so that the more responsive controls didn’t mean that it had to be sacrificed.

Source: Eurogamer

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