There’s a video contest too, until December 3rd.

Hokay, let me make it official: no matter how cool your taxi, if I get in it, and it looks like this, I might get out again. I’m definitely running for my life if the driver starts gibbering about their fantasy kingdom, and how they’re saving up for a great big sword. That said, LA is a different world, and some lucky Yellow Cab customers found themselves deeper in the Guild Wars 2 Great MMO Migration than they could have hoped for. At least now I know how many centaurs it takes to screw in a lightbulb. Bonus!

Yep, Guild Wars 2 is looking for a few new players, and there’s a contest to entice all you would-be MMO Migrants out there. Guild Wars 2 is hoping to lure you in with free copies of its subscription-free title, and all you have to do is pledge allegiance to Guild Wars 2. Sounds simple, right? For a chance to win, just create and upload a 30 second video of yourself saying something like this:

I, [name], renounce [adjective] games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2. I likewise declare my freedom from [adjective] subscription fees! That I turn my back forever on [noun] which is/are totally [adjective].

That I will take up arms to defend the [noun] and crush evil with my [noun]. I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without [noun] because I am [adjective].

Bear in mind, the contest rules stipulate that you do this in a public place. “Reciting the Oath in a populated park during broad daylight would be OK,” say the developers, “but reciting the Oath in a deserted park in the middle of the night would not be OK.” Also, choose your adjectives carefully, since profanity is not acceptable.

The contest’s running till December 3rd, at which point the lucky winners are chosen. If you don’t really like the idea of making Oaths in public, but still want in on Guild Wars 2,you could always just buy the game. It’s on sale at 40% off until December 3rd.

Source: The Great MMO Migration

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