Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has become the single biggest product launch in Activision’s history, selling over $115 million in its first seven days of release.

Guitar Hero III is the first game in the franchise to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles, and is also the only music game to be available on all major platforms. Activision is supporting the game with over 30,000 in-store kiosk displays, a hefty selection of music tracks, competitive price point and an “unprecedented global supply of product.”

The new game includes wireless controllers for every platform, online multiplayer options for head-to-head-banging action around the world and a growing complement of downloadable content. The game’s soundtrack features performances by groups including Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam as well as original tracks by Slash and Tom Morello.

Guitar Hero III is the game that everyone is talking about,” said Activision Chairman and CEO Robert Kotick. “It is the only videogame to make the Toys ‘R’ Us Hot Toy List for 2007 and Toy Wishes’ Hot Dozen 2007, which forecast the most popular holiday gifts for the season. Despite having significantly increased our production capabilities for the holiday, there is still a high likelihood that we will not be able to meet demand for this game on every platform.”

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was released in North America on October 28, and is scheduled to ship in Europe on November 23.

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