As if Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise weren’t already ubiquitous enough, rumor has it that Activision is planning on adapting the game into that ultimate pop culture guilty pleasure: the reality TV show.

Guitar Hero might be making the leap from videogames into other entertainment media with a possible reality show, according to the latest rumors. That’s “reality” in quotes, of course, because reality shows are completely manufactured and fake. Anyway.

The rumor stems from a Reuters report that cited “people familiar with the discussions” that Activision is reportedly having with TV producers. Reuters also quoted Activision CEO Bobby Kotick as saying the game might make for “a good TV show or concert tour,” though the report in question has since seemed to disappear from the internet.

Imagine paying money for tickets to a concert where people are playing Guitar Hero on stage. Imagine watching a TV show about a group of hot young Guitar Hero players living in a mansion together and competing for a chance at fake rock stardom. This is the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen.

At the same time, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Activision is also in talks to turn its other two biggest franchises, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, into movies. Call of Duty seems pretty ripe for a movie, but half the beauty of that game is that it makes you the center of a narrative and not a passive observer. As for WoW, that movie has been in production for some time at Legendary Pictures, which most of you will know from their work on The Dark Knight. Maybe Activision is prodding them to get the ball rolling on that project?

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