Gummi Bears Create Sweet Retro-Gaming Tribute

Forget CGI, all you need to make a decent videogame-themed animation is 10 pounds of gummi bears.

Gummi bears are one of the greatest candy snacks on the planet, and they know it. As if we needed anything to add to their massive egos, an animator has used them in a videogame-related animation that’s pretty good, considering it’s made out of gummi bears.

The animation uses 10 pounds of the sweet, chewy treat. It starts with a spaceship that tries to take down a gummi wall, only to crash and become part of it. Gummi Tetris pieces then do their worst, but they never get a Tetris. You’d think the line from Breakout would be able to do some good, but it isn’t.

Things just get nuts after Pac-Man and Inky go face to face. A gummi sound equalizer appears, followed by a tank, and then a rocket ship blasts off. Okay.

The whole thing uses both videogame imagery and sounds and therefore gains its charm. Plus, it’s made entirely of gummi bears. You know someone had to have gotten very sick after cleaning this up.

Source: Wired

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