Hacker Gets The Fabled “Nintendo PlayStation” Working


Long abandoned by its creators, a hacker has brought the ill-fated Nintendo PlayStation to life.

The story of the Nintendo PlayStation is a very interesting one. Originally, Sony was contracted by Nintendo for a console collaboration. The project ultimately fell through, but Sony decided to enter the console market anyway using what it had learned and developed. Thus Nintendo ended up unwittingly creating its own biggest rival.

As for the Nintendo PlayStation, it existed only as a handful of non-functioning prototypes, one of which was shared back in 2015. Now, hacking show “The Ben Heck Show” has announced that it has made the device fully-functional.

The prototype’s problem was that while it could play regular SNES games in its cartridge slot, the CD-ROM drive didn’t work. By replacing bad capacitors and making a slew of other adjustments and fixes to the unit, Heck has restored its ability to run audio CDs and, most importantly, CD-ROM games.

While many games were in development for this system in the early 1990s, none have ever surfaced publicly. But once the system’s specifications became known last year, homebrew game developers created a couple of small games that, in theory, would run.

The good news is that some of those homebrew games do, in fact run. Not very well, but they do. Now that the hardware is fully functional, its up to developers to figure out how to make games for it.

Source: The Ben Heck Show

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