Hacker Plays Doom With a Piano


Slay demons with the power of music.

When programmers first start their journey, writing a simple “Hello World” program is a rite of passage. If that young code jockey progresses, they’ll eventually reach the stage when you try to port Doom to various electronic devices. Now that scores of hackers have gutted the source code for almost two decades now, it’s fairly trivial to run the classic demon shooter on anything from an iPod to a GPS unit. When the ambitious David Hayward reached that stage in life, he decided to up the ante a bit and port Doom to a piano.

Of course, it’s actually running on a computer, but the piano’s keyboard is wired to be the heaviest controller in recent memory. Only scant details can be found on Hayward’s Vine account, but we know that it involves “three IPACs , and a whole load of wiring.” If that’s not impressive enough, the Piano itself is modded out with a flesh-like bezel on the screen and a fantastic “DOOM PIANO” marque. Here’s hoping we get more technical details soon.

It may not be the most convenient controller out there, but it is the most melodic. Here’s hoping that playing a few bars from the theme song triggers the “IDKFA” cheat code.


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