Hackers Boast of Framing Innocent BF3 Players


The targets look like they are the ones hacking and end up banned from Battlefield 3 multiplayer servers.

Hacking in a multiplayer game is bad enough. If you need to cheat to get a few more kills, maybe you should find a new pasttime. But when you break into a service and make it look like an innocent player is the one who is cheating – taking away their fun by getting their IP banned from PC gaming servers – well, that just is shitty behavior squared. That’s exactly what a forum poster at the game hacking site Artificial Aiming claims he is doing in protest of the anti-hacking application Punkbuster which some Battlefield 3 servers on the GGC-Stream service run.

“We have selected GGC-Stream as the target since they have the most streaming BF3 servers and makes it very easy to add fake bans,” posted a user with the handle of “anonpbspoofer”.

“In 2011, we hit them with a mass ban wave and now we are banning real players from battlelog while GGC-Stream is totally unaware. We have framed 150+ BF3 players alone,” the jerk continued.

The staff of Artificial Aiming has disavowed the culprit with the following statement. “This has nothing to do with AA,” said staffer Doober. “The person who posted the first link is a junior member here.”

As if the status of the poster – who clearly made up the handle to post anonymously – is any indication of whether Artificial Aiming supports the efforts of this hacker or not. If your site sells applications that let you cheat in games, you don’t have any moral ground to stand on, Doober.

Electronic Arts is on the case, apparently. At least, the spokesman says it might be a good idea to stop using Punkbuster. “We are aware that some Battlefield 3 players are experiencing connection issues with PunkBuster enabled servers. We are actively looking into the specifics of this issue and we are confident that we will have a permanent solution in place shortly. In the meantime, if a player’s connectivity has been affected, we recommend that in the interim they join servers that are not running PunkBuster. There is a filter setting for this in the multiplayer server browser.”

Thanks for that, EA.

Source: Artificial Aiming via Kotaku

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