The Half-Life 3 logo has turned up on a mysterious new website! What could it mean?

Point yourself at and you’ll see something mighty interesting: a very professional-looking Half-Life 3 logo, complete with Steam, Valve and Source tags and even all the proper copyright notifications in fine print. Mouse over the logo and you’ll notice it links to; click it and you’re transported to the Orange Box website. Interesting, and all very legitimate-looking, too. But is it real?

The obvious answer is “probably not,” but hey, we’ve got time to kill. A whois of reveals that the registration is David Hassen, who has no apparently connection to Valve and is thus presumed to be just some guy who doesn’t mind spending a few bucks to troll a significant portion of the internet. The logo is also slightly different than the one spotted on a Valve employee’s t-shirt in early December, with the lambda and the “3” having swapped spots.

At the same time, there seems to be an awful lot of Half-Life 3 “stuff” popping up in recent weeks. There’s the t-shirt, and then came reports of the Half-Life 3 clues stashed in Valve’s Portal 2 video for the VGAs. Marc Laidlaw insisted there was no “alternate reality game” or anything else untoward going on, but now we have this. Can it all really be a coincidence?

Of course it can, and it almost certainly is. Or is it? What’s this “Status: Mark 7” business, anyway? And what about “FW26HL3719?” I’m all a-tingle with excitement!

via: Gameranx

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