Halo 4 Scores New Multiplayer Game Type Next Week


A popular playlist makes a return as 343 Industries begins game type rotations.

Halo 4 is barely out of the gates, and the new shooter is already getting a title update that will add a new game type to the online multiplayer suite. Scheduled to arrive the week of November 12th, the update will bring back the popular SWAT deathmatch mode, which Halo: Reach fans will surely remember.

Unlike most other Halo multiplayer modes, SWAT tweaks weapon damage and armor abilities to allow for one-shot headshot kills with any weapon. The mode also restricts the use of ordinance drops, ensuring that players only have the DMR, Battle Rifle, and Magnum sidearm with which to dispatch one another.

In an update posted on the Halo Waypoint app on Xbox Live, community manager Jessica Shea notes that weekly playlist tweaks will be the norm for Halo 4. In addition to the standard playlist sets, players will be treated to rotational playlists with varying game types. If the response to any given playlist is strong enough, it may find a place as a more permanent game type.

Source: Examiner

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