This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Halo Infinite.

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It was with mixed feelings that I went into Halo Infinite. On the one hand we all know this series is never going to bloody end so I appreciate the title being up front about it, but on the other I’ve never really gotten on with Halo as a franchise. I’ve never understood what’s going on in the overarching plot. I asked Nick the Escapist editor and professional Halo liking person to summarize it for me and he was all like “Oh the forerunners created the precursors and the prometheans-” Okay, stop listing words that all mean the same thing. Start at the basics. Why is humanity at war with the Covenant? “Because the Covenant worship the forerunners but are jealous that the forerunners favoured humanity because-” “Bastards hate humans, kill all the bastards.” GOT IT. Should’ve led with that. I’ve said before Bungie IPs are 90% setting and 10% plot so “Bastards hate humans, kill all the bastards” is really all you need for the moment to moment experience. And having gained that insight, I appreciated Halo Infinite more than I expected. Because the story seems to have a conscious “back to basics” approach. You know that whole plot the last few games were setting up with Cortana turning into the big baddy? Well that’s all in the bin.

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