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Read Article Is Xbox Ever Going to Address the Long-Term Goals of Halo Infinite?
If Xbox & 343 Industries have long-term goals for Halo Infinite, they are a mystery, and after layoffs, frustration and confusion mounts.
Read Article MS Cuts Jobs at Xbox and Bethesda, Joseph Staten Exits 343 for Xbox Publishing
Microsoft MS Xbox Bethesda Game Studios layoffs layoff cut 10,000 jobs Halo Infinite Starfield Joseph Staten exits 343 Industries for Xbox Publishing
Read Article Damnation Map Gets Incredible Forge Remake in Halo Infinite, Out Now
HaloThe map Damnation has gotten an incredible Forge map remake for Halo Infinite, called Salvation, from Cliff Schuldt and Alex Rodriguez.
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Halo Infinite Forge early best player maps - Eternity
Read Article Halo Infinite December Update Brings Back The Pit, Adds Custom Game Browser for Forge
The Halo Infinite December Update adds Custom Game Browser for Forge, The Pit map (Empyrean), free cosmetics, & keyboard controls fixes adustments
Read Article Studio Head Bonnie Ross Exits Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries
Studio head and co-founder Bonnie Ross has announced her exit from Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries, citing a family medical issue.
Read Article Halo Infinite Split-Screen Co-Op Is Canceled, Forge Mode & Online Campaign Coming Soon
Halo Infinite Fall Winter Roadmap September 2022 update Forge Mode November release date local split-screen co-op canceled online campaign
Read Article How Halo Infinite’s Composers Are Defining the Future of Halo Music – Snapshot
Halo Infinite composer Gareth Coker on creating future of Halo franchise music at 343 Industries and career journey to get there after Ark: Survival Evolved drums
Read Article Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolves Gives Multiplayer New Life in May
Halo Infinite season 2 release date trailer Lone Wolves May 3, 2022 343 Industries Xbox One Series X S PC
Read Article Halo Infinite Is the Rise of Skywalker of Video Game Sequels
Halo Infinite is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker video game sequel that uses a time skip to ignore continuity and do a soft reboot at 343 Industries for Xbox


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Read Article Halo Infinite Is the Rise of Skywalker of Video Game Sequels
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