Halo: Reach to Premiere at Spike VGAs


Good news, Halo fans – next year’s Halo: Reach will be getting a big unveiling at next month’s Spike TV Video Game Awards ceremony.

Here’s what we know about Halo: Reach – it’s slated for a Fall 2010 release, it could use Natal (but only if it makes sense), it will be be Bungie’s last project in the Halo trilogy universe, and Captain Tightpants himself wants in. Oh, and we also know the story, covered in prequel novel The Fall of Reach, but other than that we don’t know much.

That might change next month, as a Tweet from GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley hints that Halo: Reach may be showing up at the Spike TV Video Game Awards on December 12th. Well, okay, he doesn’t so much hint it as blatantly say it outright:

The world premiere of HALO: REACH happens only at the 2009 Video Game Awards, Live 12/12 on Spike.

Feel free to argue amongst yourself as to what exactly “world premiere” consists of. Hopefully we’ll get to see gameplay footage, but whether or not it would actually be any different than that of Halo 3 or ODST remains to be seen.

And I’ll probably still forget to watch them like I do every year.

(Via VG247)

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