Paramount+ Halo series trailer 2 warthog explosions release date

The Paramount+ Halo series is promising big budget, high octane thrills in its newest trailer. In the trailer, Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief can be seen riding Warthogs into an explosive battlefield and unloading heavy machine guns into waves of enemies. It’s all appropriately dramatic and very loud, teasing scale familiar to those who have played the games the show is based on. Though the show will stray from its video game source material when it comes to its story, it looks like there will be plenty of familiar moments to cling to. See Master Chief skydive into his next mission in the Paramount+ Halo series trailer below.

Our first solid look at Schreiber’s Master Chief in the Halo show arrived during a December first-look trailer. It’s been an exciting ride since then, with a full trailer debuting a solid two minutes of footage — and our first tease of the big green super soldier’s new voice. The show’s been a long time coming, getting its start as a Showtime series before eventually moving over to Paramount+.

The Halo series premieres March 24. Even if the show doesn’t live up to the long wait and high expectations, a second season at Paramount+ is already on the way.

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