For an extra Jackson, you too can enjoy the Mythic Map Pack, a unique in-game vehicle and yes, a totally boss iron-on patch.

To ensure that every self respecting member of the Halo nation is picking up the real-time strategy title developed by the dearly departed members of Ensemble Studios, Microsoft has implemented a simple three-step strategy. Step one: Make sure there are a whole lot of Spartans in the game so that players can pretend they’re commanding a bunch of little Master Chiefs. Step two: Release a new set achievements for Halo 3 pertaining to a group of unreleased multiplayer maps ridiculously early and make no mention of it. Step three: Offer said maps as part of a lucrative, Collector’s Edition package for the upcoming game, Halo Wars.

Microsoft, you clever girl.

This February, consumers will have the option of stepping up to flavor with the Halo Wars: Collectors Edition and with it, a higher price tag of $79.99. The package comes in a special tin case (of course) and includes three new multiplayer maps for Halo 3 (Assembly, Orbital and Sandbox), a unique in-game vehicle, six collectable leader cards and a “Spirit of Fire” patch that would look real classy next to your Barnstorming and Keystone Kapers badges.

Rounding out the package is a graphic novel, Halo: Genesis, created by Phil Noto (Birds of Prey, Jonah Hex), Graeme Devine (Doom 3, Age of Empires III) and Halo novelist, Eric Nylund (Fall of Reach, Ghosts of Onyx).

Halo Wars is still without a solid release date, but Microsoft seems set on a February 2009 release.

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