Han Solo Fan Fiction Adventure Game in the Works


With a little luck, Han Solo will join Sam and Max, Indiana Jones, and Guybrush Threepwood as an adventure game hero.

A one-man band is developing a fan fiction SCUMM-styled adventure game focused on Han Solo. Stacy Davidson has always had a beef with LucasArts for never creating a SCUMM title based in the Star Wars universe, and Han Solo Adventures is his response. He is creating the game with Adventure Game Studio, a free adventure game creation tool.

Though the safety of the project worries me (a cease and desist is hopefully not on the horizon), Davidson seems to be doing everything he can to stave off LucasArts’ legal team. The game will be freeware, and Davidson points out on the game’s website that seeking profit from sales of the title could be considered a “federal offense.”

This brings up an interesting scenario: Is fan-fiction in videogame form any different than fan-fiction in text? There are plenty of Star Wars fan fiction websites out there that are allowed to exist, so shouldn’t Davidson’s game be given the same freedom as well? I seriously doubt that a Star Wars adventure game will ever be made by LucasArts, but that doesn’t mean it (or another corporate entity) won’t try to shut the project down. I certainly hope not, because the game looks pretty neat.

Via: GameSetWatch

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