A boy’s handheld gaming habit was so enthralling that he could have been killed.

Playing with handheld devices while moving is never really the best idea. In the case of a of a 10-year-old Italian boy walking through a subway station in Milan, the act could have seriously injured or killed him.

The Daily Mail reports that the 10-year-old was playing his PSP while walking dangerously close to the edge of the train platform. As video of the incident shows, the boy fails to notice his location, and falls down onto the tracks.

The boy was lucky that off-duty police officer Alessandro Micalizzi was nearby to rescue him. Micalizzi hopped down, lifted the boy back onto the platform, and climbed up himself before a train came by. Micalizzi said: “He was completely lost in his game and wasn’t looking where he was going.”

It’s scary, because Micalizzi said a train was due in “less than a minute.” Despite the nasty drop, the boy was okay. However, there’s no word on if his PSP made it through the incident unscathed.

If we can all learn something from the situation, it’s that looking down at a phone, Game Boy, PSP, DS, 3DS, or PSP2/NGP is a terrible idea when walking, driving a car, or doing anything but sitting or standing still. Whatever you do, don’t ever use a handheld device while moving around an area that a massive machine repeatedly plows through at high speed. That’s why there’s a pause button.

Source: Daily Mail

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