A series of limited edition BioShock Infinite prints signed by Ken Levine are disappearing fast.

If you’ve played BioShock Infinite, then you’ll likely agree that it’s not only a fun game, but it’s visually stunning to boot. Those who haven’t played the game will probably still agree on the latter, especially once they see Infinite‘s high-quality licensed art prints. Produced by dealership Cook & Becker, each piece represents an iconic in-game moment that’s as impressive framed as it would be if displayed on a screen.

Each of the seven prints showcase particular scenes, environments, and characters from BioShock Infinte‘s Columbia. You’ve got everything from the scenic view of Battleship Bay, to Booker and Elizabeth’s plunge through the clouds, to Songbird’s terrifying aerial attack. Each print has a variety of sizes and frames to choose from, and will be numbered and and signed by Ken Levine to ensure authenticity.

These limited prints don’t come cheap, however. Depending on your chosen frame and print size, the final cost can be anywhere from $250 to $1500. Regardless, supplies are going fast, as the Songbird prints alone sold out within an hour. If you’re interested in snatching up your own piece of Columbia, it’s probably a good idea to do so sooner rather than later.

Source: Cook and Becker, via Eurogamer

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