You say that you want more content for Hard Reset? How about an Extended Edition with more levels, enemies, and better graphics?

Hard Reset charmed a lot of people when it was first revealed for Steam, though the actual release left people a little divided about how good the game actually was. Now, publisher Kalypso Media has revealed that the game is getting a bit of a “do over”, thanks to an upcoming retail release that features more content, updated graphics, and more back-story elements.

One of the big complaints about Hard Reset was that it was too short and re-used a lot of elements throughout the game. Hard Reset: Extended Edition, however, will contain a total of five new levels and four new enemies, as well as a new boss fight. On top of that, the new version of the game will contain “two additional survival mode stages”.

Developer Flying Wild Hog is also promising that “additional gameplay elements” will be included, aside from the aforementioned visual upgrade and additional plot elements. Hard Reset: Extended Edition is due to hit store shelves in March, though it hasn’t been revealed if gamers who purchased the game via digital distribution will be able to pick up the extra content without shelling out full price.

Source: Eurogamer

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