Realizing that getting people to stand in front of drunk crowds and play plastic instruments is the best form of advertising available, Rock Band creator Harmonix has begun promoting local “bar nights” through its official Rock Band website.

The idea is that by hosting Rock Band nights, bars see “an increase in traffic and sales with their consumers staying longer and spending more on food and beverage.”

And, of course, Rock Band sees the sort of fantastic promotion that you only get from reaching out directly to people who have their good judgment already compromised by alcohol.

Once the Rock Band Bar Nights website is fully operational, Harmonix promises a database that will allow anyone to search for local events.

If simply herding people toward your watering hole isn’t enough, Harmonix is also offering bars that register with the site “access to purchase turnkey Rock Band product solutions and early access to Rock Band promotions and offers,” an “exclusive music solution offering the full Rock Band music catalogue of over 800 songs” and “direct contact with the dedicated Rock Band Bar Nights support team.”

It should be pointed out though, that bars are forbidden from charging people to play Rock Band unless they shell out the cash for the licensing fees. “As a member of Rock Band Bar Nights you will receive a lot of marketing, promotional and operational help but you will have to secure your own ASCAP, BMI or SESAC license for your venue,” the site warns.

I guess bar owners will just have to do what they’ve always done to earn a living: exploit the addictive properties of alcohol and the natural human desire to escape an endlessly depressing reality.

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