Harry Potter Gets Scared Witless In His Next Movie


Daniel Radcliffe isn’t venturing too far from the Wizarding World, as his latest movie project involves him trying to survive a haunted house.

Now that the Harry Potter movies are finished (until someone inevitably decides to reboot the franchise in about twenty years or so), Daniel Radcliffe is moving on to other projects. However, the man who’s best known for his on-screen wizardry isn’t venturing too far outside of the fantasy genre for his first post-Potter film: He’s going to be terrorized by a vengeful ghost in The Woman in Black

The film is based on the 1981 novel by Susan Hill, which largely plays out like a long ghost story from Victorian England. Basically, the story follows a lawyer named Arthur Kipps who is summoned to a small English town to wrap up the affairs of a recently-deceased reclusive widow in a small English town. While going about his job, young Mr. Kipps finds himself haunted by a woman dressed in black; things start out slowly at first, but grow increasingly terrifying as the book progresses.

The teaser trailer certainly seems promising, though it’s hard not to be with a video this short. That said, this certainly seems like an old-school ghost story with a decidedly 1970s (lots of atmosphere and little, if any, actual gore) feel. The movie is due out on October 28th.

Source: io9

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