If you don’t feel like playing Heavy Rain, but still want to get depressed, just watch this lengthy movie instead.

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is a great example of how to merge a cinematic experience with a videogame. If you never beat it due to those pesky interactive segments, or just don’t own a PlayStation 3, a player has cut the game’s segments into a nearly 3 hour movie.

Now, without even having to pick up a controller, you can experience the entire story of Heavy Rain. Watching the movie is not quite the same as playing the game, because Heavy Rain is unique in that it just keeps on going even if one of the characters dies. Whatever happens in Heavy Rain, happens.

As far as I can tell, the movie follows the “best” path possible, where all of Heavy Rain‘s characters live. Up until the end anyway, not to spoil the spoiler or anything.

The story is is definitely one of Heavy Rain‘s biggest allures, making the video actually worth watching. The only thing it doesn’t express is the enjoyment of opening cabinets and orange juice containers in real time. For that, you’ll just have to buy a PS3.

Source: YouTube, via Kotaku

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