Quantic Dream has revealed it’s working on two new games, both of which are going to be “very different” from Heavy Rain.
You have to hand it to Quantic Dream: The studio can never be accused of lacking ambition. Now that Heavy Rain has been released, the developer has revealed that it’s got two new projects underway.

David Cage, the head of Quantic Dream, recently gave an interview to Examiner that largely talked about the storytelling goals and challenges of Heavy Rain. However, towards the end of the interview, Cage talked about what is next on his company’s docket.

“We currently work on two very different projects,” Cage said. “After the success of Heavy Rain, we continue to explore how we can go further with interactive drama, working on emotion and interactive storytelling for a mature audience, but with a very different story and a different approach. I think that people who enjoyed Heavy Rain will be surprised by what we prepare.”

Exactly what games Quantic Dream is working on have yet to be revealed, but many fans have been hoping for a sequel to Farhrenheit (known as Indigo Prophecy here in the States) or Omikron. However, from the sound of things, it seems that the studio is working on something completely new.

“After Heavy Rain,” said Cage, “we have some credibility in experimenting with new IPs and new concepts. We are not going to play it safe from now, we are going to use this credibility to continue to take risks, give ourselves exciting challenges and try to invent new ways of playing. I believe that this is what Quantic Dream’s fans expect us to do.”

Seeing as how Heavy Rain was given a “Move Makeover” that incorporated motion controls, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these projects use similar interfaces, especially now that Kinect is coming to the Xbox.

Source: Examiner via GamerNode

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