Heavy Rain in the Valley


From the “How the Hell did I miss this one?” department comes an amazing trailer for Heavy Rain, which is currently being developed by the guys who put together Indigo Prophecy. Most of us here fell in love with Indigo last year (me included), so much so that when we tossed about the idea of end-of-year awards, it popped up in nearly every category we brainstormed.

The boys at Joystiq mentioned the “actress’s” Uncanny Valley-ness, which is definitely there – her eyes and lips just aren’t human. But as you watch the movie, note the way she gesticulates and moves. She moves like someone who’s lapsed into that special place only a loved one can send you: temporary insanity of the purest form. Real actresses can barely sell that state, but between her devastated slouching and precise fluidity, “Mary Smith” nails it.

From what I’ve heard, Heavy Rain is going to stick to the same formula that made Indigo Prophecy so easy to find yourself lost in. You’re playing a movie wrapped inside an adventure game, where the narrative takes precedent over the gameplay, but you’re still engaged enough to feel as though you share something with the characters on-screen.

As we enter the valley and journey through it, I only hope stuff like this emerges with us when we leave.

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