A Heavy Rain demo is in the works, but Quantic Dream is not having an easy time deciding what to put in it.

In an interview with G4, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage revealed that the company will be releasing a demo for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, though to actually do so has been a challenge. Heavy Rain is a spiritual sequel of sorts to Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit), or at least an advancement of its gameplay.

Heavy Rain is a “dark film noir thriller” that will follow multiple sets of characters looking for the “Origami Killer”, and has an overarching theme of “how far are you prepared to go for love” according to Cage. If a character dies in Heavy Rain, it is said that he/she will be dead in that play-through’s storyline and the game will advance; there will be no retries. Indigo Prophecy (as the title I played it under) was rife with context-sensitive actions, and Heavy Rain is likely to be as well, with the intention of making the game as interactive as possible. As Cage says: “Heavy Rain is just the first step in discovering how to tell a story through interactivity.”

For this reason, Cage has found it hard to commit to a certain scene to make available in a demo. “If we show an action scene, some players will think that this is what Heavy Rain is all about, and it is the same thing if we show an exploration scene,” says Cage. He wants to express the full value of Heavy Rain in its demo, but says Quantic Dream “just [needs] to find the best scene for it.” Sure, Quantic could not release a demo at all, but Cage doesn’t want anyone to feel like his company has anything to hide. I just want to get my hands on the game as soon as possible.

In my personal opinion, knowing what I do about Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream should release a demo with two or three short scenes. That way gamers would realize that Heavy Rain is not about one gameplay aspect, or about one person’s tale, but rather a larger, intertwining storyline with a variety of interaction. As of right now, Heavy Rain does not have a release date, but is expected in early 2010. A demo would be a nice holiday present, but we’ll probably have to expect to see it when we see it.

(Via: 1up)

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