Spice up your zombie slaying with these naughty nautical garments.

A large portion of Resident Evil: Revelations takes place on a boat. You might have guessed this from the cover, which depicts an eerie eyeball peering through a boat window – or porthole, if you prefer the suggestive parlance of the high seas. Fortunately for those of you who like to be as immersed as possible in your virtual ooze-monster-slaying cruises, the 360, PS3, WII U and PC ports of Revelations come with a set of unlockable costumes more consistent with the game’s nautical theme, as you can sea below:

Okay, the first two are boat-related. Sexy sailor and sexy pirate. That makes sense. But what exactly is the third one supposed to be? Sexy … ninja pirate? Huh. Regardless, all of these costumes can be unlocked during normal gameplay, and will be available to use in the game’s excellent (excellent ) Raid mode.

Those of you about to argue that the costumes inject an unsuitable amount of levity into Resident Evil’s otherwise entirely serious storyline would do well to remember that Resident Evil 2 let you play as a giant, ambulatory piece of tofu.

Resident Evil: Revelations was originally released on 3DS last year. The upgraded, HD port is set to ship for 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on May 20th.

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