Help a Pomeranian Puppy Lead a T-Rex Revolution in Tokyo Jungle


It’s survival of the cutest when one doggie runs out of puppy chow.

Heralding the arrival of its upcoming June 7th, Japan-only release date, mammalian survival sim Tokyo Jungle‘s latest TV ad showcases the exact reason people across the ocean will care about this game: it’s widdle, fruffy, Pomeranian protagonist. I’ll give you all a moment to absorb the potentially dangerous levels of cute.

All set?

This isn’t the first time Japan has had a, well, “unique” idea, but that doesn’t stop Tokyo Jungle, in which you play as a puppy and horse deserted in an abandoned city infested with leopards, foxes, and raptors, any less brain-meltingly adorable or wonderfully bizarre.

Yes, based on the footage we have, the character models and animation may look at bit PS2ey, but come on guys, the game is about a starving puppy seeking to build a rag-tag, motley pack of Animalia in a quest to survive post-human Japan. And there are dinosaurs!

Sadly, like most Asian ideas that fail to do little more than raise the eyebrows of Western suits, Tokyo Jungle has no current plans for a stateside release. This, as I think is painfully evident from the above commercial, is what I believe the scientific community refers to as “a major bummer.” Hopefully one day someone will see the obvious wisdom in funding a localization. Maybe PETA?

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