Tomb Raider fans with ten seconds to kill have been given a great opportunity to inflict themselves upon the poor citizens of Derby by voting to christen the U.K. city’s new ring road as “Lara Croft Way.”

Back in July, the Derby City Council asked for help coming up with names for two new stretches of the city’s inner ring road. More than 100 suggestions were made, which were eventually whittled down to a list of eight that’s been posted on the City Council website for a final vote. The two top vote-getters will be used to name the new additions to the road.

The great thing about this, at least if you’re a Lara Croft aficionado, is that you don’t actually have to live in Derby to vote. You don’t even have to live in the U.K. Anyone on the internet can cast a ballot and judging from the results so far, it looks like the power of the tubes is going to carry the day. “Lara Croft Way” already holds a commanding lead with 81 percent of the vote; in second place is “Steve Bloomer Way,” with five percent. (To put it in another perspective, Lara has received 268 votes at the time of writing, while Second-Place Steve has 17.)

There is actually a legitimate connection between Lara Croft and Derby: Core Design, the studio behind the original Tomb Raider, was based in Derby before it went under in 2006. And that, as the saying goes, is good enough for the girls I go with. Cast your vote for Lara at

Source: Derby Telegraph, via Joystiq

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