Microsoft is building a desktop client that will offer downloads, demos and other goodies and is looking to its users to name it.

Community Manager Chris Paladino posted on the Micrsoft blog Gamerscore an invitation for anyone (specifically the three Games for Windows Live users) to suggest a name for the software and store soon to be released for free with Games for Windows Live.

Paladino explained, “When we announced that Games for Windows Live was completely free, we also stated we’d be bringing a Marketplace with demos, trailers, and downloadable content to your Windows desktop through a stand-alone client piece of software. This software will start with new downloadable content, but expand and improve to provide a greater level of interactivity as time goes on.”

Microsoft’s sample ideas are:

  • “Games for Windows Live Dashboard”
  • “Games for Windows Live Portal”
  • “Games for Windows Live Marketplace”
  • “Games for Windows Live Guide”
  • “Games for Windows Live Client”
  • Just “Games for Windows Live”

Anyone is welcome to comment with a custom suggestion, but don’t do it for a prize, as Microsoft just wants ideas without compensation. “Of course, we don’t guarantee that we’ll agree with, like, or use any of the names you choose or provide,” noted Paladino. “And if you suggest something we love and end up using, no, we won’t give you any credit. But we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.”

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